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Check back soon to learn more about our next Iris Relief Leaders School - RS2. To learn more about RS1 click the button below!

RElief School 1

Location: Puerto Rico
Date: June 10, 2018 - August 11, 2018  
Cost: US $1,900 tuition (includes housing and all meals) + $200 registration fee + $1,150.00 cross-cultural outreach practicum (includes airfare, housing and all meals in Punta Gorda, Belize)

The first 15 applications received before April 15th, 2018 will receive a 30% discount on tuition cost. Overall cost for school including Belize outreach $2,600.

Tuition Price for Puerto Rican Residents: US $600 + Registration fee of $200 = $800 USD + (optional extended outreach US $1,150 to Punta Gorda, Belize.) Must produce a copy of their government issued ID. (Housing not included in cost. Meals will be included.)

Students interested in long-term opportunities with Iris Relief, Iris Abilene, and Iris Global must complete the entire 9-week school.

  • $3,250 – 9-Week School: Puerto Rico and Punta Gorda,Belize - cross-cultural outreach practicum (includes airfare, housing and all meals in Punta Gorda, Belize) https://www.kabodintl.org

  • Travel costs to Puerto Rico are not included in school costs.

  • All denominations are in US dollars.

  • A valid passport is required to travel internationally.


Become an Advanced Certified Disaster Response Missionary

We want to invite you to come attend our Iris Relief Leaders School. The school is this summer on the island of Puerto Rico. The purpose of the school is to train and equip Certified Responders to bring the hope and love of Jesus to others in times of crisis. We will be partnering with Puerto Rican churches, businesses, and NGO's to help bring relief to those in need. Hurricane Maria was a disaster, and many on the island are still in need of hope, healing, and hands on response. We will be assisting in the long term recovery during this training.

Iris Relief is a recognized international relief organization. This distinction allows us to send teams, as first responders, to minister in the power and love of the Holy Spirit.

Come, be a part of our Iris Family. BE A PART OF THE RESPONSE AND RESTORATION IN PUERTO RICO, and receive the tools and skills needed to respond in times of disaster.

You are invited! Join us! 

With much love in Jesus, 
Angel & Norm Poorman
Iris Global Family

Contact our team at INFO@irisRELIEF.org 



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Apply for a RS1 School Staff Position! 

Iris School Alumni prerequisite.

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RS2: Registration Opening Soon!

Attention Mission School Alumni: For Staff

If you have graduated from one of our mission schools and are interested in applying for a staff position please start an online staff application. If you have questions please contact our team info@irisrelief.org.