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1. What will the schedule be like? 

Classes will be Monday through Friday during the day. There will occasionally be some evening sessions and times set aside for outreaches and other service opportunities.

This school is a unique time to intentionally seek the Lord. During the week, students will spend their time learning in the classroom, engaging in the school community and enjoying a time to worship the Lord, reflect on His word, and hear from Him. Being a more remote location, we provide times for students to travel off-campus during the weekends.

2. Can I just attend the Puerto Rico portion of the school? 

Our 9-week school will be divided into two sections. The first seven weeks will take place on the west side of Puerto Rico. The second section will take place at our Iris partner ministry, Kabod International in Belize (Machaco Outreach Center). Both are requirements for Iris Relief certified disaster response missionaries who desire to aquire Level 3 certification. The specific training, you will not be required to attend the 9 weeks and we will have additional intensive trainings offered for specific RTF and Crisis Response training throughout the year in condensed modules. 
If you do not attend the 2 week outreach in Belize, you will graduate the Iris Relief Leaders School with Level 2 Intermediate Responder Training.

3. Are scholarships available? 

Iris Relief does offer scholarships to those who qualify. More information about our scholarship program can be gained during the application process.

4. Where will I be staying during the school? 

We have dormitory housing with kitchenette and full bath amenities. While at our school you can enjoy community living and build meaningful relationships with your roommates.

5. What if Iā€™m married, can I still attend? 

We have onsite housing for married students and families. During the application process we will finalize housing details and seek to meet any special needs your family may have.

6. Do I need a passport for this school? 

Yes, to travel to internationally you will need a valid passport.

7. Who are the directors of this school? 

Rolland and Heidi Baker have commissioned Norm and Angel Poorman of Iris Abilene to facilitate this Iris Relief Leaders School.

8. What if I have more questions? 

Contact our team at