Want to join the Iris Relief Team? Read through the Team requirements and if you qualify, complete our application. The Iris Relief Leadership prayerfully considers every applicant.

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Depending on the nature of the disaster to which we are responding, Iris Relief may need to mobilize people with a specific skill set. For all Iris Relief teams we require individuals who are:

  • 18 years or older

  • Mature in their relationship with God

  • Experienced with ministering to, counseling with, and praying for people

  • Spiritually discerning

  • Flexible in difficult situations and content with “roughing it”

  • Eager to serve

  • Honoring of authority

  • Enthusiastic and never complaining

  • Team players

  • Spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy


Q. If I am not affiliated with Iris or am an Iris Mission School alumni, can I join an Iris Relief team? 
A: You don’t have to be a graduate of Harvest Mission School to be considered to be a member of our relief teams.

Q. What is the minimum age requirement to join a team? 
A. You need to be 18 years old or older. In past international relief efforts, we’ve had people from 18-60 years old.

Q. Do I need to have any special relief training or qualifications? 
A. No. There is nothing more important than someone who can share God’s love and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. We need people of all different skills.

Q: How long will I be participating on a team? 
A: Most trips are two to three weeks, but some relief responses may be longer.

Q: What will I need? Will I receive a packing list for the trip? 
A: Once you are accepted to be part of the Iris Relief team, we will send you a packing list specific to the country and the disaster.

Q: What about immunizations and medical insurance? 
A: Both immunizations and travel medical insurance are compulsory—required by law.

Q. What should I do now to prepare myself for future disasters? 
A: You could get trained for missions through the Harvest Mission School, et certified for CPR or take disaster training courses, and save at least $1000 USD. Skills you may already have, like if you’re a certified counselor, will also be helpful.

Q: What will the living situations be like? 
A: It varies, depending on the nature of disaster and the country.